So this may be a long shot, but I was wondering if anybody on the site could throw out the feelers and help me track down another SportCross?

I had recently picked up a 2002 Lexus IS300 SportCross(ultra rare) on eBay from a dealer in Vegas:

It was the right color, HIDs, upgraded sound system, slotted a drilled rotors, fresh tires, great mileage, front stabilizer bar, you name it! Also the owner Doug Williams from Viva Las Vegas Autos was a breeze to work with and everything was falling into place. Unfortunately the vehicle never arrived as it was damaged(fire...beyond repair) in transport.


These can be tough to find and I've been searching high and low to find one, but many seem to be ones with a poor Carfax, a northern car with rust, too many miles,or not the right color, etc. I know Oppositelock and Jalopnik have mentioned them before and their rarity, so if a reader maybe had a neighbor or friend that may want to sell theirs or maybe their own send them my way.

Anyway if you've read this far, it's much appreciated. I'm currently on the forums, FB pages, and google trying to track another down, but I thought I would try another angle.